Selasa, 13 Desember 2016

My Extracurricular

                High schools 3 bandung country there is a very interesting extracurricular activity for me, namely environmental activities three (Algae). These extracurricular activities to learn about the environment around secondary schools on 3 country duo.
               These activities include observation of the problems going on around the environment, discusses why these problems occur and how to take action to address these problems. one example of which is the problem of the lack of land to reforest the school environment.
                   We learn what things are causing a lack of reforestation area in the school which turns used for the development of classroom learning. To overcome the shortage of land in the school is using hydroponic cultivation techniques with top-floor system. besides saving land, this system also saves water and energy because this system uses water diverted automatically by a small pump. System does not require complex maintenance, requiring no soil media did not even require fertilizer.We also began to study and observe the types of plants that can be in any kembangka this way. we hope to find other types of plants that can be grown hydroponically in addition to the type of plants that are grown hydroponically long can such kind of vegetable plants.
                    Besides other activities of algae that are discussed on the breeding and rearing animals such as rabbits, sugar gliders and a marmot, How to raise and how to train the birds kind of hooked beak like a love bird. How to cope with the proliferation of wild animals such as cats school environment. We also learn how to maintain the animals in penangkran that resemble their natural habitat.Lots of knowledge I can since I joined into this algae. I really enjoyed being a member of algae because I truly love nature, animals and plants and how to preserve it. 

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