Kamis, 13 Oktober 2016

Science Camp

My experience at Science Camp

               I love biology because I love animals and plants. Many interesting things can be learned in biology, such as learning about body parts of animals and plants, how they can live, grow and reproduce. I think the science of biology is very interesting because it is evolving as the progress of time. Many new things are discovered through a variety of scientific research on animals and plants. Many benefits can be obtained from the biological sciences, such as culture expands the types of animals better, expanding culture is superior plant species, discover medicines for human health and so on.

                Therefore since the school in junior high school, I've been following the Olympics biological activity. Many science of biology that I get. In addition, through this activity I also get a lot of new friends. We got a variety of books on the biology of the new addition to the usual biology textbook that we learned in school.

                Now I am doing Science Camp at SMAN 3  Bandung. I am very happy because here I learn new things about biology. In addition to learning about the animals and plants, plus the introduction of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Even in Science Camp I also get a lesson about the disease and a variety of drugs in humans. In Science Camp I get a new experience, together with new friends who are equally liked biology. Here we can learn together, share knowledge and experience, play together even stay together in intimacy.

                I really hope in SMAN 3 Bandung will be another event like Science Camp on a regular basis, so that I can be reunited with friends in an atmosphere of intimacy to study biology. Science Camp, yes!

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