Selasa, 04 April 2017

Last Holiday

                                      Last Holiday

  Hello everyone! I'am happy because this are my first blog in the 2017 . 

               Now I will tell you about my school holiday. My holiday began on 24 December 2016, after share-out the first semester report card. When i received the report card, i was glad and worried because i did not know my result and score for i learned at this school.But that does not matter anymore . i had a good result although some of my score were average and lucky suffered short semester i not  Finally my school holidays begin. i went back home with my parents. after we arrived at home . i immediately changed clothes and went pick up and play computer games has not played because of busy school. It felt glad and happy. I was played computer games until the night and nobody scolded me because it's been a holiday. I was very tired and slept  at 2 am. Next day i woke up very long time and woke up late at 10 am. in the second days of holidays ,i was surprised because i cannot went everywhere because my grandmother went to Semarang . After heared it, i was pissed.

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