Selasa, 16 Agustus 2016


  It's All About Me

              Hello my name William Stanley, i was born on Tasikmalaya 23rd of July 2001. I moved to Bandung since 2002 and i lived in Bandung for 14 year .My home  located  at Alani street number 3 , Bandung-city central ,west java,Indonesia.i live with my beloved parents and my two little brothers. i have short black curly hair ,medium brown skin with black eyes and slim tall body. i am a friendly person, diligent , kind and modest.

              When i 5 years old,i studying at BPK Penabur Kindergarten Guntur street number 34.I was studied at BPK Penabur Kindergarten for 2 year. In Kindergarten i have many friends and one  best-friend . He is name David. We plays , study and learn something together. But when i at first grade in elementary school, David and his parents moving to Bogor. So i lost my best . I was upset and unhappy because my best-friend abandon me. I was studied in Elementary School Christian 5 BPK Penabur in Guntur Street number 34. In Elementary school , i was knew more new friends with different skill,talent and city.

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